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My name is Satu and I welcome you to my website. I am inviting you to discover the secrets and unique beauty of Esalen massage. With its slow elongated strokes on the oiled skin, with its flowing stillness. The sensuous wave-like movements along the body, full of grace. Gentle, loving touch. An experience of profound relaxation. A journey of discovery.


I am Finnish, a mother, a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, former Cruse bereavement counsellor and a writer. I have been doing bodywork since 2006 and trained with Johanna and Perry Holloman from Esalen Institute, California in 2009. I did further training with them in 2011, and in 2012 attended an Esalen massage and Bodywork in Motion workshop in Germany with Dean Marson. I feel passionate about Esalen massage. It includes all the elements I find vital in my life: meditation, movement, the power of touch, sensuality, connection, creativity, being in the here-and now, and beauty, love and joy.


My vision is that of authenticity and connecting to life as it is fully. By providing a safe and nurturing space and being with you in the here-and now with my full presence, I can facilitate this process. Through this massage you can get in touch with your body and the sensations and feelings that arise in you, and this awareness can lead to empowerment, feeling of wholeness and connection with yourself. By deeply connecting with yourself, you can then start connecting in a more authentic way with others too, as well as with life.



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