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'A truly, gloriously intense journey of loving touch that so many lack in our daily lives. This was superfood to the soul. A profoundly, beautifully loving experience from a woman who somehow passes on her life's love through her fingertips.'



‘I have experienced all sorts of massage here and in India and nothing compares to the ABSOLUTE BLISS this massage with Satu puts you in.’  Joanna


‘Generous spirit and conscious hands. Satu is the queen of massages!’  Anja


‘Through Satu’s powerful presence in her touch, I have been able to release trapped emotions and feelings, which has been cathartic and liberating.’  Paul


‘Satu massages with grace and attention which is filled with love and respect for both the physical body and emotional and spiritual journey of each individual.’  Lucy 


‘You have activated my heart, which has lain dormant for such a long time, and it wasn’t with a gentle yawning and stretching, but it was with a leap and a jump.’  Jerry


‘Today’s massage was divine. Thank you for your skills and warmth and your gentle spirit. My calmer mood has lasted all day, and I feel as if finding you and discovering Esalen has opened a new and more optimistic chapter in my life. Thank you.’  Harry 


‘The best massage I have ever had. It was an amazing experience.’  Sam 


‘I felt like being kissed by the sun.’  Nick 


Contact Satu


01453 753635

07792 687 085

[email protected]


The Cotswold Health Centre, Stroud

01453 767600




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